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Jules Verne

All Around The Moon,

A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth,

 "From The Earth To The Moon,

The Mysterious Island,

Off On A Comet Or Hector Servadac,

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea,

Around The World In Eighty Days,

Five Weeks In A Balloon,

H. G. Wells

The Country Of The Blind And Other Stories

I. The Jilting Of Jane

Ii. The Cone

Iii. The Stolen Bacillus

Iv. The Flowering Of The Strange Orchid

V. The Avu Observatory

Vi. Aepyornis Island

Vii. The Remarkable Case Of Davidson's  Eyes.

Viii. The Lord Of The Dynamos.

Ix. The Moth

X. The Treasure In The Forest

Xi. The Story Of The Late Mr. Elvesham

Xii. Under The Knife

Xiii. The Sea Raiders

Xiv. The Obliterated Man

Xv. The Plattner Story

Xvi. The Red Room

Xvii. The Purple Pileus

Xviii. A Slip Under The Microscope

Xix. The Crystal Egg

Xx. The Star

Xxi. The Man Who Could Work Miracles

Xxii. A Vision Of Judgment

Xxiii. Jimmy Goggles The God

Xxiv. Miss Winchelsea's Heart

Xxv. A Dream Of Armageddon

Xxvi. The Valley Of Spiders

Xxvii. The New Accelerator

Xxviii. The Truth About Pyecraft

Xxix. The Magic Shop

Xxx. The Empire Of The Ants

Xxxi. The Door In The Wall

Xxxii. The Country Of The Blind

Xxxiii. The Beautiful Suit

Xxxiv. A Moonlight Fable 

Xxxiv .The Diamond Maker 

The Island Of Doctor Moreau

In The Avu Observatory And Other Incidents

I. In The Avu Observatory

Ii. The Triumphs Of A Taxidermist

Iii. A Deal In Ostriches

Iv. Through A Window

V. The Temptation Of Harringay

Vi. The Flying Man

Vii. The Hammerpond Park Burglary

Viii. A Moth—Genus Novo


Eight Stories 


1. Filmer

2. The Valley Of Spiders

3. Mr. Skelmersdale In Fairyland

4. The Story Of The Inexperienced Ghost

5. Jimmy Goggles The God

6. Mr. Ledbetter's Vacation

7. The Stolen Body

Mr. Brisher's Treasure

The War Of The Worlds 

When The Sleeper Wakes,

The World Set Free,

Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Princess Of Mars,

At The Earth's Core,

The Land That Time Forgot,

The Lost Continent,

Out Of Time's Abyss,


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Lost World

C. J. Cutliffe Hyne

The Lost Continent

John Jacob Astor

A Journey In Other Worlds

Ray Cummings

The Girl In The Golden Atom,

Tarra No The  Conqueror,

H. Beam Piper


Murder In The Gun Room,

Lone Star Planet

Young Adult
August 17
Pirate press
ronghue xiang

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Bevans53 ,

50+ Classic Science Fiction

Terrible format. The text is a fixed size. It displays two pages to the screen - which you also cannot change. What's with this? I thought iBooks were supposed to have a standard format.

If you have trouble reading small text, do not buy this book.

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