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Businesses falter miserably..

Businesses falter miserably when it comes to something as simple as an elevator pitch, for starters and then some. That happens because they are unable to bring out the value in their product or service. It isn't so difficult to do it once you know how to go about it, precisely. Here are some pointers on how to get your Value squeezed out right:

Price isn't what the client is looking at, and if he is, he is not your client:

Even before you think of the value that your product provides, you must be convinced about the fact that there are two ways of doing business, broadly -- on value and on price. It is the value part that we are talking about since it is very profitable. If you are following the value part, then not everyone is your client; you also wouldn't be able to convince a price conscious consumer. This tidbit of understanding is crucial to get your value strategy just right.

Plan on Squeezing the Value:

Planning on creating value doesn't have to be an elaborate time wasting meeting at work. Sit down and brain storm about various ways you can do a service unique and different from that of your competition (and this should be something that the client will gladly pay for). For instance, you could be a content development company producing web content for your clients. What could you do differently? Well, for starters -- do your job well. Ensure top-notch quality in your work. Further, look to provide value by promoting your clients' websites; spreading the good word; suggesting them more ideas to make their businesses better. You get the point, don't you?

Figure out how to communicate that value

Planning the value is an important step and you'll be glad you have taken it. However, there wouldn't no point in planning if you don't plan to let the world know. You must now see how you could incorporate this value into every communication method you use -- your websites, brochures, proposals, emails, ezines, newsletters, logo, caption. Every word that goes out of your business must communicate that value -- this will be the cornerstone for your brand building strategy.

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October 18
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