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Are you ready to start pumping your metabolism at a high speed? Well, burning your calories efficiently without making drastic changes to your existing lifestyle is indeed a challenge. The secret is to incorporate certain changes.

Metabolic rate denotes the speed at which your body uses up the calories. To lose one pound, a calorie deficit of 3500 per week is necessary. This can be achieved by cutting down on your calorie intake, even if you do not exercise. At the same time you should also remember that going below 1200 calories per day, will lead you to the mode of starvation. The body will begin to conserve energy and the metabolic rate will slow down.

This will result in the storage of food in the form of fat, and lead to weight gain. The metabolic system of our body plays a dominant role in the regulation of body weight .It burns up the calories used by your body in the form of food that you eat and converts them into energy. Hence, you should always aim to keep your metabolism working at its peak, so that your calories get burnt all throughout the day. It should keep working even while you are asleep.

In order to have a perfect metabolic system in a sound and healthy body, you can adopt seven simple measures that will increase your metabolism. If you follow them accurately, you will never need to worry about the next size of your jeans, feeling embarrassed and awkward every time you go shopping.

1) Stay sufficiently hydrated, so that the fluid adequately helps you to digest your food.

2) Avoid eating three square meals a day, resort to small meals each time you feel hungry.

3) Include a protein food in every meal you take. Since protein takes longer time to digest, it burns more calories.

4) Include regular exercise in your daily regime to enhance your metabolic rate.

5) Start the day with a healthy high protein breakfast; it reduces the production of hormones that cause stress.

6) Never go for a fat-free diet. Include moderate amounts of healthy fats like olive oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil and cod liver oil.

7) Try to sleep adequately. Hormones released by the body during sleep affects the usage of energy.

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October 26
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