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Identify and Recognise Your Own Eating Behaviours

Gain insights into why you failed in the past and why this time, things are going to be different

Eating well and taking control of persistent weight issues can be a tough challenge for anyone who really wants to enjoy life to the full and still get into the best possible shape. The reasons behind many eating disorders have often been ignored but today, at last, we can safely acknowledge the exact behaviours that often undermine our efforts to lose weight and improve our health. Now we can learn how to enhance our health and wellbeing and free ourselves from the habits that get in the way of our commitment to a leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier body. Until we recognise the underlying causes of our eating behaviours, we can never hope to take control of our weight, our lives and our full potential for happiness.

Based on decades of research and highlighting the precise issues that influence the way we eat, this amazing guide to the best ways to master our eating behaviour has already helped thousands of people to manage their mealtimes habits and discover the joy of permanent weight loss. Leading international nutritional expert, Beran Parry, guides you through the process of identifying your own personal eating behaviours and then shows you exactly how to take control of them. This can mark the turning point in your quest for taking real control of your body and your health.

Amongst a wealth of brilliant ideas, methods and proven techniques, you can learn how to
Identify and recognise your own eating behaviours and become totally aware of when and how those behaviours show upEngage the amazing benefits of Epigenetics to change your lifeRecognise the origins of your eating habits and understand the way that food is used as a substitute for what's missing in lifeSpot the situations where food becomes the over-the-counter tranquiliserMaster the issues that will set you on the path to happiness and freedom
˃˃˃ Power up your higher brain functions to take control of your urges

This is one of the most significant volumes on the subject of effective weight control that has appeared in the last decade. Way beyond the limitations of fad diets and short-term food fashions, this is a master class in bringing new and effective behaviours into your daily routine that have the power to change your life forever. Losing weight becomes so much easier. Experiencing the joy of a healthier, fitter and more youthful body become the most natural expressions of your success.

Join the growing numbers of individuals who have discovered the smart way to take control of their weight and still enjoy every single mealtime.

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November 11
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