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A, B, See How Jesus Loves Me delightfully blends Bible stories with alphabet and joyful illustration. The result is text and art carefully designed to help you and your young one explore deeper levels of God's Word.

Jesus said, “Let the children come to Me.” Matthew 19:14

Enjoying and being able to read even these small accounts in the Word of God is a wonderful step toward a long relationship with HIm.

Here are simple guidelines for beginning your reading partnership.

1. Begin by looking at each page as long as your child’s interest span permits. Talk about things they see (colors, letters, or characters).

2. Identify the letters. Read the phrase under the letter block and emphasize vocally the words that begin with the featured letter.

3. Find the “hidden” letter. Use the child’s index finger as a pencil to trace it. Then ask your child to find the featured letter in the phrase below and point out all matching the “hidden” letters. Find objects in the room that begin with the letter.

4. Try to read a new scripture reference using your Bible as well as your child’s Bible each time you read the book together. Put the story into your own words, but respond to questions by referring to your Bibles. Your child will begin to know that this is a book in which they can find answers as well as something they now share with you.

5. After you read the scripture reference aloud, have your child tell the story back to you. You may wish to write this down or type it into book form. If your child will, add illustrations to their story. Ask if he or she will then “read” the story to you – your child may be able to identify letters and words as well in their own story. Be sure you share your excitement as your child does this.

6. Most of all, share your love. Being able to teach children to read is exciting, but God will provide the right time for the reading process to happen. Being close may be more important than learning to read at this moment.

Originally published as a hardcover Children’s Book, author Margie Kaufman and illustrator Rick Kaufman have brought the book’s original words and illustration to the digital portable format.

Religion & Spirituality
July 1
Margie Kaufman and Rick Kaufman
Richard L Kaufman

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