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The TWO opening novels from New York Times bestseller Maggie Shayne’s TWO most popular series! 

The Oklahoma All-Girl Brands, Book 1: THE BRANDS WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS:

When good girl Maya Brand, eldest of five and the pillar of the family, has a moment of weakness and a one night stand with a drifter, she finds herself pregnant with a naked ring finger. Most Big Falls, Oklahomans think it must be a case of immaculate conception. But the drifter returns and trouble follows. So do an early labor, a freak storm, and a Christmas you will never forget.

The Texas Brands, Book 1: THE LITTLEST COWBOY

Upright and Honest Sheriff Garrett Brand is furious with the younger brothers he’s raised when he finds a baby on the doorstep one hot Texas morning…until he sees the note with his own name on it. A motherless baby boy, a soft hearted rancher, an overprotective family, and a woman in deadly trouble spell heartwarming emotion, spine tingling passion, and breathless romance.

The Brand Family…

A Miracle in Every Story!

October 22
Thunderfoot Publishing Inc.
Thunderfoot Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

JoAB4424 ,

A Brand of Christmas

I loved A Brand of Christmas. It's two stories about the Brand family and they made me wish I could actually meet this group.

The Brands Who Came For Christmas

I loved this book with all it's twists and turns and the way the author pulled it all together so the reader could easily keep track of what was going on. OK, it's surprising to have Maya be a virgin at 29 and it's even more surprising how she decided to take care of that problem! The character development was excellent. Both main characters had issues. Maya didn't want to love someone in case they were not there for her when she needed them, like her father. Caleb was tired of people wanting to be with him because of his money and status when he just wanted to be liked for himself. This made him not trust anyone. All the characters in this book were great. The sisters were so different from each other and had their quirks that made them so much fun.

I liked the way the author showed that experiences in our childhoods affect us later in life, even if we don't realize it. The twist to this billionaire story was great with Caleb being a nice guy who doesn't want the attention his money and family bring.

This book was so good that I didn't want to put it down but when I did, I kept thinking about it all day!

The Littlest Cowboy

The Littlest Cowboy starts out with Garrett Brand being woken up by a sound. He is the sheriff of a small town in Texas so he goes to investigate the noise with his gun drawn. What a surprise when the "noise" is a baby on his doorstep with a note saying he was the baby's father. Garrett knows this can't be his child but cares for the child anyway. He lives on a ranch with his 3 brothers and sister so they help out, however, they have no experience with babies so are not a lot of help. In the middle of the night, Garrett hears pounding on the door and answers it to Chelsea. She has just come from identifying her sister's body and is looking for her sister's baby. Garrett wants to find out about the death of the baby's mother to see if she was murdered or had commit suicide. As Garrett and Chelsea spend more time together, an attraction forms.

I liked this book and thought the first couple of chapters were sooooo funny. I was laughing constantly and didn't want to put it down. It was well written and very descriptive. The book is a great read and definitely captures the reader in the story line, but that wouldn't work if she didn't have good characters. Garrett was a wonderful man who was always looking out for everyone else, especially is siblings. Chelsea was not very likable in the beginning and had every right to be nasty since she believed Garrett to be Ethan's father and murderer of her sister. I liked the secondary characters and thought the Brand clan are fantastic. I love how they worked together to solve problems.

Hadyn588 ,

A Brand of Christmas

I keep on learning so many things when I read books; any books - even romance books which are really interesting, like this book. Keeps me entertained, inspired even.

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