A Collection of Ten Short Stories for Children, Book 1

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The Latest, The Biggest And The Best (1)
This story is about a little girl who always got what she wanted. She wanted the latest, the biggest and the best. If she didn't get what she wanted, she would scream and scream until she got it. One Christmas the little girls parents told her that they would not be able to buy her the latest presents... well to find out what happens next you will have to read the story.

I Wish I Was Pretty (2)
This story is about a little girl who was not happy with her looks, she always wanted to be pretty. She was so depressed she went for a walk in the woods and there she made a discovery which changed her life forever.

It’s Only A Lollipop (3)
This story is about a little boy who insisted in having a lollipop in his mouth wherever he went. Well, as time went by the little boy discovered some interesting facts which makes his life much better.

I Wish, I Wish, I Wish (4)
This story is about a little girl who was always very sad. She knew the cause of her sadness and what would make her happy... or so she thought. After a time the little girl discovered what really made her happy.

The Brown Paper Bag (5)
This story is about a little girl who lived with her grandmother in a big house. On the way back from the shops the little girl and her grandmother heard a noise. What can that noise be?

The Lazy Little Boy (6)
This story is about the laziest little boy that ever lived and by accident he found out that it was not clever to be lazy.

The King Who Had Everything (7)
This King really did have everything and he would wear his crown wherever he went so that people would know that he was the King. Well one day he lost his crown and in the process learnt a very important lesson.

The Headmaster’s Office (8)
This story is about a special school for badly behaved children. The headmaster is very strict and sometimes he takes some of the little boys to his office. What happens in the office seams to be a mystery.

The Little Girl With Beautiful Hair (9)
This story is about a little girl who had long beautiful hair. She enjoyed swimming but she did not like her hair getting wet. She came across two girls that were not very nice to her and it all ended in tears.

The Old Lady And Her Cakes (10)
Once upon a time there was an old lady who loved baking cakes especially for the little children. Everybody enjoyed the smell of the old lady's cakes until one day it stopped... Why can't we smell any cakes?

September 1
Mike Jones
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