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Matthew ends the silence of four hundred years between Malachis prediction and the declaration of the introduction of Jesus. Israel was under the mastery of the Roman Empire. No man of the place of David had been permitted to sit on the position of royalty for a long time. Presently, the quiet is broken and the coming Messiah, pronounced.

The book of Matthew trails the Old Testament and is start of the New. It is the interfacing joined between the books. It is composed for the Jews, and it is fittingly set. It underestimates that the course of occasions is known to its perusers.

The Old Testament had shut with the picked country, searching for their long-guaranteed king, their messiah. Matthews gospel demonstrates that Jesus was that King, that Messiah. It is the gospel of satisfaction.

Matthew exhibits the Lord Jesus in an unmistakably Jewish relationship. Just in this one of the four gospels do we discover a record of the Messiahs assertion: I am not sent but rather unto the lost sheep of the place of Israel (Matt. 15:24). What did His own kin do with Him? (See John 1:11.)

In numerical position, the book of Matthew is the fortieth in the ordinance. Thirty-nine books in the Old Testament, then Matthew. Forty is dependably various testing or probation in scripture. Jesus was enticed of the villain for forty days. Israel was in the wild for forty years. David was the best for forty years. Moses was in a royal residence for forty years, then on the rear of a leave for a long time.

In this fortieth book of the Bible, Israel is in the place of probation and testing by the nearness of the Messiah in their middle. Jesus Christ is displayed as King to the Jews, and they dismiss Him as their Messiah, as well as their Savior (Matt. 16:21).

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