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A second chance at love… 

Bull Rider Jesse West is on top of the world and fighting for the title of a lifetime at the bull riding finals in Las Vegas—until he crashes into Tara Kent in the stands at the rodeo arena. He seizes the opportunity to confront the girl who broke his heart by disappearing out of his life.

Tara Kent just ended a six year relationship with a man wouldn’t commit and is trying to revive her design career with a big job in Vegas. At the rodeo she’s stunned to discover that the top ranked rider is a high school classmate she once shared a magical kiss with before her life crashed down around her. She doesn’t want him to know her life is a disaster. Worse yet, she’s alarmed to discover that the chemistry between them is stronger than ever.

Tara’s heart is fragile from fresh heartbreak and the last thing she wants is to put it on the line for a reckless cowboy. But Jesse wants Tara in his bed—he’s waited ten years—and he’ll stop at nothing to claim his prize.


Her eyes widened as he slid his arm around her waist. She sucked in a breath and tried to stay calm. Just dance with him, be nice, then wish him good night. She could do this. 

She tried to remind herself that this was her old friend Jesse, the sweet boy an inch shorter than her who she used to reminisce about blistering Austin summer days with when they were both freezing their butts off in a New England winter.

It didn’t work.

This Jesse was a whole different animal. His once skinny body was now ripped with muscle, no doubt gained from jumping on and off horses and bulls and heaving big saddles around. Formerly shy, he now oozed quiet confidence that disarmed her. 

His other arm circled her and he held her close and swayed gently in time to the music. His subtle masculine scent crept over her senses and she blinked, trying to halt the effect it had on her. She could feel her pulse rate accelerate and her breathing grow shallow. Her skin grew hotter by the second and she could barely stay upright on her feet because her knees were getting weak…

“Are you okay?” He pulled her a little closer. 

Her breasts weren’t quite touching his chest yet—they weren’t that big—but any minute now her nipples were going to brush up against the crisp fabric of his shirt and—“I am feeling a little light headed.” 

“Don’t worry. I’ll catch you if you pass out.” His slow smile crept across his mouth—a wide, sensual mouth with perfectly shaped lips that she didn’t remember at all—and further unraveled her.

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