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"Cotton Bloom" – From a small town in Arkansas a brave young girl with a hidden secret has to face the world and grow up. Her struggle as a mixed child has its drawbacks, but beneath the surface of her childhood lies a haunting secret that will drive her and bring her to the reality of the truth. As a beautiful young woman working in a law firm in Baltimore, she receives a startling phone call from her hometown. The call will eventually bring her to the victory in her life that she has longed for and set her free from the bondage of her haunting past.

"Ellie’s Cry" – A woman is driving with her daughter from Alabama to Tennessee, seeking to get away from an abusive husband. But unknown to her the travel will unlock the door of a serial killer who is stalking the county. When she stops at a bar to get directions, Elllie turns up missing. The search begins and the puzzle of the disappearance begins to unravel. As the search deepens all hope is gone until some unexpected evidence filters from the hidden darkness. Ellie’s haunting cry guides the FBI Agent Brandon to unveiling the truth. Ellie’s mother is put into an insane asylum and from there she hears Eillie’s cry. In the end, Brandon moves in on the killer and sets Ellie’s crying ghost to rest. But, does he?

"Blackberry" – In the story of Blackberry you find a struggling killer having to face and overcome a horrible past. His dead victims are the stepping stones that lead him to the truth about himself and the tragic thing that happened to him. They hold the key of who he is; a victim himself trying to be free. Haunted by his past as a child he tries to escape, but only finds the truth that unlocks the door of his freedom in the end. A simple day of picking berries turns out to be a devastation of murders. Lying and insanity drives him to the truth that he needs.

"Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" – A serial killer is on the loose, terrifying the city of Nashville. The police are in search of a homeless boy who they believe holds the key to the crimes. With corruption in the Governor’s office and the Memphis mafia, the trickle-down effect holds the homeless boy as a possible suspect. "Now I lay me down to sleep," a simple innocent prayer that binds a boy and his mother in a bond that ties the story together in mystery and suspense. As a child the boy is driven away by the murder of his mother who has been killed by his abusive father. After her death he is taken in by a friend and raised until he is a teenager, but after the death of his friend he is turned out into the streets of Nashville to live. Life on the street holds its hardships, but from the words of the simple prayer his mother used to tell him guides him through those dark days and nights on the street. The police find the answers from the twists and turns of the evidence and they solve the case. The murders finally stop, leaving Nashville at rest.

Fiction & Literature
June 17
Bobby A. Troutt
Smashwords, Inc.

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