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James Walker, who goes by the name J-Money, was born on the West Side of Chicago, Illinois. He later moved to Chicago’s west suburb, Maywood, Illinois, as a juvenile. Maywood is where he began his string of robberies. He and his gang committed robberies from Maywood to the West Side of Chicago for years. J-Money was arrested for robbery several times as a juvenile and as an adult. After doing time in the penitentiary, he came home a young man. He needed his own money, which led him to getting it the only way he knew how—robbing with his gang. The war also was still on with their rival street.

A few of J-Money’s gang members find themselves locked up also. Though J-Money is street, he, too, is a ladies magnet. J-Money is having more sex than a little, which is why at nineteen, he got Lala pregnant a month after he came home from prison. This was also the same age he met a woman whom he fell in love with at first sight.

Yvette is twenty-seven and married with five children. Yvette is a neighbor-turned-friend of J-Money’s auntie, Leana. Yvette and her husband, Dub, are on the verge of divorce after repeatedly trying to make it work for, at least, their kids’ sake.

J-Money has never been in or believed in love nor has he ever been in a serious relationship.

Yvette’s marriage is on the rocks. She has to make a decision not only for her, but her kids too.

These are people who are a product of their environment, which is the ghetto. Police brutality, gang violence, poverty, struggle, and risk.

J-Money has a flock of girls and is addicted to the street life. Will he leave all the girls alone for his first love or is it just puppy love? Which will he choose, the streets or love?

Yvette is married with children and has just inherited a big lump sum of money. Will she leave her husband and find new love? Or will she settle because she wants her kids to have a normal household with mom and dad?

Read the book, and you’ll find out because I’m not telling you!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 30
Xlibris US