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What's our most precious resource? Children.

What's the most valuable thing any child can have? A parent who loves and values them and will help them become the best they can be. And where do fathers go for advice on being that kind of parent?

Fathers, you say, not mothers? Now that's a tricky one. Not any more it's not. Finally, there is a practical parenting guide for men. Michael Grose has a track record in parenting books and now he has written the one Australian fathers have been waiting for, A Man's Guide to Raising Kids. At last, a book specifically written for men in the 21st century. He demolishes the myths ('Children are not safe around men': Myth! 'Fathers need to forgive their own fathers before they can be good dads': Myth! 'Busy dads are bad dads': Myth!). He provides practical advice that's easy to understand and apply, and covers everything dads need to know.

Topics include: Getting discipline right; How to raise both daughters and sons effectively; How their birth order affects your kids and how you should deal with that; Getting involved in their sports; Fathering after divorce or separation; Getting through their adolescence; The role of grandads; and how to manage your busy schedule and still be a great dad. 'Men who can enjoy healthy relationships with their children are generally happier and lead fuller lives. They also become better leaders and managers both at work and within the community.' - from A Man's Guide to Raising Kids.

Michael Grose is a father of three and the author of successful parenting titles including Great Ideas for Tired Parents and One Step Ahead: Raising 3-12 Year Olds

September 28
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