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“As my companion, I am willing to pay you $150,000 upfront plus all of your living expenses for the next year. Tell me, what would you do with the money?” He asked.
He was so cavalier about it all, she thought and then wondered what it would take to see a visceral reaction.
“Tell me what I would have to do for it first.” She said.
“I haven’t set anything in writing ...yet." It was all a lie. He had barely wanted to come here to meet up with Ronny. Let alone have any type of contract. Looking at her now he wished he would have. He felt like a bumbling idiot, saying things to keep himself from going further. "Offhand, it would be accompanying me on business trips, balls, galas, banquets, and any other appointments or social events I may have. I would have exclusive rights to you. So no side hustles.” She had no idea what he meant by that. He kept going. “You live with me. Have a weekly allowance as well as the money deposited in your bank account." He looked her over once more. His attraction to her was apparent. "You still haven't answered me."
“My mother is sick and needs an operation."
He stared at her blankly then, obviously not understanding where she was going with the statement she had just made.
"I would use the money as a down payment so she could get it done.” She finished.
He found himself looking into those green almond-shaped eyes. She seemed to be telling the truth to him. There was no deception in her body language, only apprehension when it came to him. She was different, he assessed. She seemed to have a heart. Paying for a loved one’s medical expenses wasn't done regularly. He admired her for her answer. She was proving to be not his usual type.
Ronny had done a good job, he admitted to himself. Change was always a good thing he had always told himself. So far, she was honest, reserved, and beautiful. From what he could see those were traits he had never looked for in his past lovers. He had let his thoughts wander for only a short few seconds and his eyes went to her long legs. He wanted to wrap those smooth, long legs around his waist and have them both, sweaty and screaming in ecstasy. He hadn’t expected her sweetness or beauty to have this strong reaction on him this soon.
He shook it off and remembered what they were talking about.
"What Doctor is performing the surgery?” He asked her.
“Dr. Schumpert, with Our Ladies Of Mercy hospital. He specializes in my mother's illness." She supplied.
He didn't seem bothered in the least about the information she had just given him.
He spoke. “Are you comfortable with all of the terms I've divulged so far?" He watched her empty her champagne glass. Carolina could agree to the terms she just didn't know how he would feel about her being a virgin. She didn’t know if that would be a deal-breaker. He was speaking to her like it wasn’t. She said nothing about it. It was only a mild inconvenience she tried to convince herself. One she had been trying to rectify all this week, she added. She shook the thought of Russ. Geo took the gesture she had made involuntarily as an agreement.
"Then it is settled?" He asked.

September 22
Jessica G.Rabbit
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