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He’s bound to the past. She believes in the future.

Lieutenant Walker Norton might be cynical, but he isn’t a broken man—yet. Raised to understand the looming catastrophe of climate change, promised to a woman he doesn’t love, he long ago decided to live a life of service to his country, family and friends. It’s enough—until he meets Avery Lightfoot and realizes he wants so much more.

Love means everything to Avery. Witness to her parents’ wonderful marriage, she’s long waited to meet her soulmate, act in romantic movies and start a family. Now it’s all in reach. But Walker can’t marry her until he’s released from his vow—and when Elizabeth Blaine arrives at Base Camp, it’s clear she’s ready to claim Walker for herself.

Elizabeth doesn’t love him and doesn’t want him—so why is she determined to ruin his life? Walker has forty days to find an answer before he’ll have to choose between honoring the past or seizing the future he craves.

The Navy SEALs of Chance Creek:

BOOK 1: A SEAL's Oath

BOOK 2: A SEAL's Vow

BOOK 3: A SEAL's Pledge

BOOK 4: A SEAL's Consent

BOOK 5: A SEAL's Purpose

BOOK 6: A SEAL's Resolve

BOOK 7: A SEAL's Devotion

BOOK 8: A SEAL's Desire

BOOK 9: A SEAL's Struggle

BOOK 10: A SEAL's Triumph

February 9
One Acre Press
One Acre Press

Customer Reviews

Purplegiraffe777 ,

A SEAL’s Triumph

Avery and Walker fell in love at first sight; however, there were obstacles in the way of this love. When he was a teenager, Walker “promised” to marry Elizabeth. Walker values honor above all else and can not break a promise-even at the expense of love. Avery believes that love is more important than anything. Elizabeth is an impassioned climate change environmentalist. She feels that her work is more important than the lives of any individuals.

I have read and enjoyed all of the books in this series and have eagerly awaited Avery and Walker’s story. This book has plenty of angst, secrets, romance, suspense and danger. The tone of this book is different, however. Elizabeth’s strident attitude and preachy lectures detract from the inter-personal relationships and bog down the story line. While the environmental message IS important, as a reader, I found the heavy-handed delivery off-putting!

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