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This short history of the rise and fall of the Carthaginian empire spans the mythical founding of the city to its eventual destruction at the hands of the Roman legions. 

Contents include:

Character, Manners, Religion, And Government Of The Carthaginians

The Religion of the Carthaginians.

Form of the Government of Carthage.

Defects in the Government of Carthage.

Trade of Carthage, the first Source of its Wealth and Power.

The Mines of Spain, the second Source of the Riches and Power of Carthage.


Arts and Sciences.

The Character, Manners, and Qualities of the Carthaginians.

The History of the Carthaginians

The Foundation of Carthage and its Aggrandizement till the Time of the first Punic War.

Conquests of the Carthaginians in Africa.

Conquests of the Carthaginians in Sardinia, etc.

Conquests of the Carthaginians in Spain.

Conquests of the Carthaginians in Sicily.

The History of Carthage from the first Punic War to its destruction.

The first Punic War.

The Libyan War; or against the Mercenaries.

The second Punic War.

The remote and more immediate Causes of the second Punic War.

War proclaimed.

The Beginning of the Second Punic War.

Passage of the Rhone.

The March after the Battle of the Rhone.

The Passage of the Alps.

Hannibal enters Italy.

Battle of the Cavalry near the Ticinus.

Battle of the Trebia.

Battle of Thrasymenus.

Hannibal's Conduct with respect to Fabius.

The state of Affairs in Spain.

The Battle of Cannæ.

Hannibal takes up his Winter Quarters in Capua.

Transactions relating to Spain and Sardinia.

The ill Success of Hannibal. The Sieges of Capua and Rome.

The Defeat and Death of the two Scipios in Spain.

The Defeat and Death of Asdrubal.

Scipio conquers all Spain. Is appointed Consul, and sails into Africa. Hannibal is recalled.

The Interview between Hannibal and Scipio in Africa, followed by a Battle.

A Peace concluded between the Carthaginians and the Romans. The End of the Second Punic War.

A short Reflection on the Government of Carthage in the time of the Second Punic War.

The interval between the Second and Third Punic War.

Hannibal undertakes and completes the Reformation of the Courts of Justice, and the Treasury of Carthage

The Retreat and Death of Hannibal.

The Character and Eulogium of Hannibal.

Dissensions between the Carthaginians and Masinissa, King of Numidia.

The Third Punic War.

A Digression on the Manners and Character of the second Scipio Africanus.

The History of the Family and Posterity of Masinissa.


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Joshua D. Cureton

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