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A Study in Scarlet is a detective mystery novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, introducing his new character of Sherlock Holmes, who later became one of the most famous literary detective characters. He wrote the story in 1886, and it was published the next year.

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January 1
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Raysworkshop ,

Best Detective/Mystery Read

For long I was attracted by the reputation of Sherlock Holmes. I still remember a few years ago, when I read the translated version of it China. It absolutely fascinated me.

After watching the TV show Sherlock, my attention was once again drawn on the book. It’s been a while since I last read it and I realized how much the TV show deviated from the original book.

I believe that Sherlock Holmes, with it’s exciting plots and expected scenes really shaped the definition of mystery and detective book forever. I sincerely recommend this book to all that enjoy this genre.

Oh and it’s free
Big thumbs up on that Apple

Sjtrkignuqfv ,


Enticed as I was by the reputation of Sherlock Holmes, I decided to download this book at once, seeing as it was free. Normally free things are not that good, in this situation it is quite the opposite. The way that it completely revealed the whole mystery, down to the complete detail of the murdered, and the murderers history, is absolutely stunning. I love it, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

GlitterAddict ,

Four stars!!

I absolutely love sir Conan Doyle's original books and I won't reed the other ones that are adaptions because they don't portray Sherlock as the secluded, cocaine fueled, boheimian man he was! This book struck many emotions in me and I loved it! It was the only book of mr. Conan Doyle's I had never read and it proved to be very much worth it! The only part that irked me a little was when lastrede & gregson got all the credit like the greedy pigs they were! But all in all it was an amazing book really worth reading!:D

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