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Common sense dictates that there are only two major causes of human diseases: parasites and man-made chemicals. If we could eliminate these two causes, our body could, by itself, eliminate any diseases for good. The use of man-made chemicals, like antibiotics, in eliminating parasites does not accomplish this task.

Man-made chemicals accumulate in the body causing long-term side-effects. Therefore, there is a need to avoid any form of man-made chemical treatments in favor of other alternative approaches.

Before going any further, one must understand that the human body is fully equipped with built-in mechanisms to protect itself from parasitic infections and chemical imbalance, i.e. auto-immune system and homeostasis.

The immune system is a complex defense mechanism which protects us from any parasitic infection, whether viral, bacterial, pathogenic, etc. Under optimal conditions, the immune system must be able to repel all viral and microbial attacks, or if not, will eventually learn to repel them in time.

Homeostasis is the body’s self-regulating process which maintains chemical balance, among others, to maintain stability while dynamically adjusting to conditions that are optimal for survival.

The human body is also capable of self-regeneration to some degree, e.g. wound healing.

This implies that wherever the wound is located, i.e. injured organs and tissues, it can be repaired through cellular regeneration. It can do so with higher efficiency when the body could concentrate more on the healing rather than on fighting off the infections or neutralizing bad chemicals. This is always the case because the human body’s ability to serve itself is directly limited to the amount of energy it can expend.

Indeed, the human body is complete in and of itself, and should have the ability to survive indefinitely in a perfect environment. With good nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest, we are assured of longer lifespans such as those biblical characters. However, with physical abuse and exposure to harsh environments, our early demise is not too far-off.

When infections are persistent, or when the parasites replicate faster than usual, or when chemical intoxication is beyond the capacity of the organs, or when the body is tired and lacks adequate energy, those built-in mechanisms are effectively overwhelmed, and symptoms of a disease will start to manifest.

We can avoid the use of man-made chemicals in eliminating all types of parasites by using the same method employed by the government regarding hardened criminals, i.e. the use of Electricity.

The proof of the validity of this method is the patent awarded to Dr. Kaali in 1993…

Unlike Dr. Kaali’s invasive method, i.e. extraction of blood for electrification purposes, a non-invasive, ingenious way of delivering electric microcurrent is being described in the eBook. These contrasting approaches illustrate the difference between the technician’s mindset over that of a medical practitioner.

Your blood stays intact while the electrocution of the parasites is undergoing, which would ensure that no blood contamination will ever happen. How many blood transfusions and haemodialysis treatments have resulted to the proliferation of AIDS, and other contagious diseases?

One of the most obvious advantages of electricity over chemicals is that: it neutralizes all types of parasites along its path and need not be as specific as in the case with antibiotics.

The effective use of electric current in neutralizing parasites requires the most efficient detoxification method to remove these toxins, i.e. neutralized parasites, from the liver and kidneys. Such detoxification method would also neutralize all manmade chemicals and heavy metals upon contact.

The materials needed to complete these tasks are readily available off-the-shelf.

So what are you waiting for?

Start enjoying healthcare freedom that you and your family truly deserve.

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May 9
Edgar Enero
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