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Jenny Crenshaw was an ordinary teenage girl in high school, hanging out with her best friend Kerri. When Jenny started having headaches every day, she thought it may be stress from school and her eighteenth birthday coming up. But what was happening to Jenny was far more than an ordinary headache. It waited for Jenny; watching her, taunting with vivid images of burning flesh and screams she could not fight off. It was a feeling that she was more than just a teenage girl. When Jenny was angry, horrible things seem to happen all around her, and the words of another kept filling her head. Who was this? What did they want with her? It had begun and nothing could stop the knowledge that something was coming for her. Would she survive a curse of hundreds of years old or would it take her to the depths of hell? A rage that burned inside her would soon unleash the truth behind a curse that haunted her dreams. Would she survive or would it consume her? Would an angel come to rescue her or could the curse destroy everything and everyone around her? The thoughts ran rampant inside her head. She kept hearing voices over and over; as if her head would explode. The small town of Newton, Massachusetts, would never be the same, as the hauntings become real. Would Sara Crenshaw, Jenny’s mother, be able to save her daughter or will all be lost to the past? Could Jenny’s best friend, Kerri, help her uncover the past and change its course? Maybe, but she is the chosen one. Could the town, her friends, and all that Jenny loved, be destroyed as they come to claim her? Or will the divine love of an angel save her? Maybe. But then again, maybe not!

Fiction & Literature
January 22
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