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Are you abused? Are you sure you can recognize the signs? Often as Christians, because we are seeking to do God’s will, to love and forgive, we sometimes miss the common signs of abuse. We sometimes excuse behavior that even God Almighty doesn’t excuse. This book identifies the signs in an easy-to-read format and gives suggestions for what to do, regardless of whether you choose to stay or leave.

While Abused? Who Me? is also a helpful read for non-Christians, abused Christian wives are probably the most hidden group of abused women. Christian wives, if they even recognize they are being abused, feel the obligation to hide the abuse, to cover for their husbands, to cover for God. But God is not the author of the abuse, and He can handle the hit to his character and name. He does not need to be protected.

God does not condone abuse. And because Christian wives feel the need to protect their families, their husbands, and God, they are often not even aware that what they are dealing with is actual abuse. Just as with non-Christian abused women, abused Christian wives rationalize, make excuses, take the blame on themselves, and are often in denial.

This book helps to remove the veil on the denial of abuse. Any woman who is questioning whether what she is experiencing is abuse can read the short stories and see if she sees herself in them.

The unique thing about Abused? Who Me?is it doesn't advise the abused woman on whether she should stay or leave. In fact, in the second half of the book, advice is given to those who choose to stay, as well as advice given to those who choose to leave.

Abuse is demeaning, complex and confusing. Abused? Who Me? breaks it down into understandable components.

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July 22
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