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A young girl begins to wander around a dense garden. There she meets new acquaintances while her whole life flashes by her..What did she do next, she wondered, and how did she end up in this strange garden with only one dress?..

How did this happen? She could not remember. It was as if a mist covered her memory, revealing only her long slender shadow wandering along the narrow pathways until she was stopped by a similar male shadow, a dark figure half slouched on a bench. The man had a flat, motionless face, similar to a photograph inside a picture-frame. This was her first thought, followed by a second that he was around her age around thirty. A sweet young man despite his harsh pale countenance.
He must be sick, she reasoned and stopped in front of the bench to look at the young mans picture-like face.
My appearance has nothing to do with sickness, he answered, as if he had heard her reasoning, and after uttering these words, his picture-like lips reverted to their motionless smile.
In other words she wondered, What are you trying to say?
I am lost, all was in vain, he placed a final period to his statement, moving his lips imperceptibly while forming these words as his mouth reverted back again to its frozen expression. His smile was not sad or worried, but rather steady so steady that it seemed that nothing could remove it

He became Elvinas best friend, a young man who frightens her but attracts her as well, while she begins to suspect that something strange is going on in the park. She wants to leave but she finds herself there again. Until a funeral procession suddenly passes by her.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 23
AuthorHouse UK