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Now, more than a century later Voyager 2 is lost, fifty billion kilometers deep in interstellar space and a deadly menace is threatening the future of humanity. An asteroid the size of an ocean liner is on collision course with Planet Earth. A ship has been despatched to intercept and redirect. But unbeknown to Oceania Base, KOTUKU II has been crippled by an event that has killed its captain and disabled the ship. Drifting in deep space out of touch with Earth, the crew has given up hope of rescue when they discover the ship is being sucked into the gravity of a strange grey planet. Apathy is set aside. They must restart their derelict ship or be drawn to a fiery death.
The desert planet bears a strong resemblance to Earth. The inhabitants speak French and English. Their scholars are familiar with the sciences and philosophies of Planet Earth, notably the game of cricket and everyone knows the lyrics of ‘Johnny-B-Goode.’ The new arrivals are welcomed in some quarters. Steve, the first mate pursues a way to bring his dead captain back to life while Mohammed the ship’s cook becomes guru to the receptive ears of the Khadees Cricket Club.
Meanwhile desert fires are burning. Hordes of fanatic acolytes are mobilising to annihilate the aliens. It becomes a race against time to repair the ship and escape before the jihad arrives. But even if the crew does manage to get their ailing craft airborne, can they complete their mission to save Planet Earth from the asteroid’s deadly attack?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 23
Jack Klein
Smashwords, Inc.

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