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In this issue of the Free Grace Broadcaster on adoption,  Robert Alexander Webb introduces us to the importance of this vital doctrine, giving us three reasons why it is so important. Charles Spurgeon declares that God’s act of predestinating sinners to the adoption of children is an act of pure grace. What are the causes of adoption? John Gill answers by demonstrating the gracious work of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost as the cause of that miracle of grace. John Murray describes the Fatherhood of God biblically, distinguishing it from the false notion that all people are the children of God. He also explains that adoption is neither justification nor regeneration, while being intimately connected to both. Abraham Booth tells us that God’s grace reigns in adoption and offers clear biblical ways that believers are united to God and made part of His heavenly family. What is the nature of adoption? And what are its benefits? Do you know? David Martyn Lloyd-Jones explains both with biblical clarity and the force of truth. Scottish theologian and minister John Dick sharply contrasts the satanic family of which believers were once a part with the glory and splendor of being in God’s righteous family. How does one know if he or she is indeed a child of God? Octavius Winslow beautifully explains the witness of God’s Spirit in our souls that we know that we are the children of God. Then, with clarity and moving imagery, John Eadie makes a valiant attempt to tell us what it means when the apostle John says, “We shall be like him”—like Christ Jesus! And finally, Thomas Reade helps us to consider the sacred evidence of sonship. He, like Winslow, wants to help us answer the question, “Am I a child of God?” No regenerate soul can read these thoughts without being moved and without desiring to finish his course to the glory of Christ Who saved us.

Religion & Spirituality
December 12
Chapel Library
Mt Zion Bible Church of Pensacola Inc