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“Adventurous Neighbors” is the fourth volume in M.P. Clifton’s “Adventurous Collection” of erotic fiction. These four short stories reveal what really goes on in those sleepy bedroom communities. They may not be living the high life or running huge corporations, but the women in Clifton’s tales certainly know how to enjoy the sexually adventurous side of life.

Dwight arrives home from work and hears something different coming from the master bedroom. Thinking Brenda is watching television, he climbs the stairs. As he nears the second floor, he realizes it is not the news playing, but porn. When he enters the bedroom, he is stunned to find Brenda is not alone. Their neighbor is atop the bed with her. The trio’s initial embarrassment is quickly replaced by more basic carnal instincts.

Open Window
If not for the spinning overhead fan, there would be no breeze at all. Yet, Polly and Mark turn up the heat on an already hot summer night by watching an adult video and then by creating their own steamy scenario. Exhausted, they drift off to sleep as the low hum of distant traffic whispers through the open window of their darkened bedroom. The following morning, they greet their friend and neighbor, Lynette. Casual conversation reveals that their sexual antics of the previous night were on full display for Lynette to enjoy through that open window. Her honest admission leads to an unexpected invitation.

Silver Ring
Karla has always been the more adventurous of the two neighbors. So, Julie is not surprised when she notices the circular outline of a piercing beneath Karla’s tight tee shirt. At least not as surprised at what unfolds after she questions Karla about being pierced in such an intimate place. Karla and Julie act upon forbidden desires and learn just how close their friendship really is.

Lily has long admired Joyce’s athleticism and the lithe body it has produced. But, when Joyce opens up to her neighbor about the sad state of her sexual life since major surgery, Lily is torn. She is both compassionate and confused. Joyce’s cry for help could push Lily far beyond where she ever thought she might dare go. How she reacts may well determine their relationship as friends, neighbors - and sexual women.

Fiction & Literature
November 8
M.P. Clifton
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