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What do you do when you receive the call that your child has just died of a horrific accident? Your worst nightmare has just come true. Where do you turn? How do you breathe? Is this real? Do you want to know the gruesome details, or would you rather not know? 

Haunting questions are just a small dose of the beginning of the end of your life when you lose a child. As you close your eyes at night, if rest comes, you know for certain, you will be dead of a broken heart by morning. 

After the Fall was written about my son, Corey Kissling, who died tragically on June 11, 2008. While on his high school senior trip, Corey fell to his death from a sixth-floor window of a hotel. Our anticipation for his homecoming would come true, only his return was in a casket.

This book has taken me on a six plus year journey of very, very dark places in my heart, and how at every turn, when I felt like giving up, Jesus Christ stepped in and showed me and my family the way. This book did not take six non-stop years of writing, but rather brief moment by moment etchings. It was very hard to force myself to go to those dark days and rip the scab of raw emotion off of my heart. This book had to be written. I made that promise to God a long time ago. Every day that I left it undone, I felt that Holy Spirit nudging in my heart that this had to be in the hands of parents, prospective parents, and even their children. It is our deepest prayer, that out of our loss, Christ will get the gain, and working through us in helping bring others to Him. Our life’s mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, glorifying our Lord, and honoring the memory of our beautiful son, Corey Kissling. May we never forget Kiss, “NFK 45.”

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August 24
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