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This is, simply put, a book about online dating, but one that seeks to show you why such processes don’t work. It may sound, I admit, like an unusual premise, but what I ask you, for now, is to take this initial information with an open mind. Yes, of course you already heard about some success stories, and we all know about that one friend who has met the current “love of their life” over at [insert your favourite app or website here], but most people also tend to ignore the opposite side of the story. When confronted with a random place’s full 420 success stories, they vastly ignore the fact their personal case is more likely to be a part of the (always unannounced) 99.9% failure rate. And that’s, honestly, the truth – everyone proudly presents their best success stories as evident marketing ploys, but they also quickly ignore the failure ones as if they were absolutely inexistent at all.

That’s why this book had to be written. I, too, was one day precisely where you are, and I also assumed that my own case was going to be different, when I was simply looking for someone who shared some of my personal interests. However, it wasn’t any different, not because I was inept at what I was seeking (in fact, before my attempts I even studied everything I could on the subject, from peer reviewed papers up to the most popular current books), but because most of those apps and websites are built for failure.

You don't believe me? So, read this book and find out for yourself.

December 25
Miguel Carvalho Abrantes
StreetLib Srl

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