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This boxed set includes all five books in the series:

The Fear Hunter:

Living in a haunted lighthouse in the small town of Sea Breeze, California with her two elderly aunts, Agatha Bright has everything she wants. She owns and runs a bookstore / soup shop on the beach. But Agatha has secrets that might get her in big trouble. When a woman goes missing, the suspicion falls on Agatha. The new detective in town, Remington, begins to investigate Agatha as the number one suspect, but the attraction is immediate. When the missing woman turns out to be murdered, the mystery deepens, and Agatha must help Remington find the killer before she winds up in prison…or worse.

Some Like It Shot:

Agatha's relationship with Remington is complicated. Very complicated. As she tries to navigate it, she's also investigating her Auntie Prudence's mysterious death. Meanwhile, business at the soup shop is booming. With a dispensary opened next door and a new delivery app in town, Agatha can't make soup fast enough to meet the demand. When a taco-eating contest gives her a much-needed respite, Agatha is delighted. But the contest ends abruptly with the winner's death, and now Agatha must put everything on the back burner to find the killer with Remington before he strikes again.

Fright Club:

The first rule of Fright Club is…well, there are no rules of Fright Club. Agatha Bright is scared. Her coven is due to arrive in her town of Sea Breeze at any moment, determined to punish Agatha and her aunts for Remington's unfortunate possession. Meanwhile, her aunts are working around the clock to fix the John / Remington situation before the unimaginable happens. The townspeople are unaware of the impending doom. In fact, life is going smoothly in Sea Breeze. The lifeguard tower is getting rebuilt, and the ocean's water quality has even improved. Agatha's friend Amy has become an Influencer, and Frances has a booming new career as the owner of a Porta Potty business. But when John has to fulfill Remington's MMA fighting contract, he finds himself in the cage with a killer MMA star. Blood flows in the octagon, but not as much as backstage when a body is discovered. The victim has been beaten to death, and all of the clues point to John AKA Remington as the killer. Agatha Bright has to prove his innocence, or this ghost will wind up dead for the second time.

Beast of Eden:

Agatha Bright has got big problems. Vampire problems. The coven has sent Vlad the vampire to Sea Breeze to investigate Remington's possession by the man that Agatha has loved her entire life. Meanwhile, Agatha is hired to do her very own investigation. When body parts at the local morgue go missing, the morgue attendant asks Agatha to solve the mystery of the murdered man. The mystery takes her to the local farm where chickens wear pedometers to prove that they're free range and the farm's owner has a meditation habit and a vicious temper. Suspects pile up, but Agatha is forced to focus on Vlad and his threats to send John away into oblivion. Can Agatha and her aunts thwart Vlad and the coven so that Agatha can have her happy ending? Can Agatha solve the mystery before the murderer kills again? And can John and Agatha ever consummate their love?

Creepy Hollow:

In this last installment of the Agatha Bright Mysteries, all will be revealed. Agatha Bright must solve the mystery of her Auntie Prudence's mysterious death and bring John back from oblivion. It turns out that the two tasks are related, and Agatha is thrust into a battle between good and evil, love and hate. In order to secure her future and find her happy ending, she must right the wrongs of the past and maybe bring one or two people back from the dead. With help from her friends and family, Agatha must pull from all her resources for this final battle.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 21
13 Lakes Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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ckreadsalot ,

Agatha Bright: Complete Series

Another awesome series by this author. Filled with endearing characters, lots of magic and mystery, these stories will keep you so entranced and entertained that you will be sad when you reach the end. Yes you must read this!

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