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“If there’s one place to go for everything you need to know about housing and aging, it’s Stephen Golant. He brings a lifetime of deep scholarly knowledge to this book.”— Harry Moody, Ph.D., Retired Vice President, AARP“[provides] deep knowledge about the great variety of places in which elders can thrive no matter their limitations.”—David J. Ekerdt, Ph.D., Director, Gerontology Center, Professor of Sociology, University of KansasEncouraging new ways to look at the question of how to grow old successfully, this book explores many pathways to thriving in old age, ranging from aging in place to moving to housing and care settings specially tailored to match a person’s lifestyle and vulnerabilities. At the heart of it all is a deep discussion of the impact of residential settings on physical and mental well-being.Using his theoretical model of residential normalcy, Dr. Stephen Golant helps readers understand the variables affecting older people who are trying to find the optimal place to live and experience maximum well-being, comfort, independence, and life satisfaction amidst changes in their health and personal circumstances.Expansive in its coverage, the book examines all types of housing options and everything from the current role of family assistance and private sector initiatives to government programs as well as potential smart home technologies and innovative housing, planning, and long-term care solutions.Aging in the Right Place paints a vibrant picture of the diverse experiences of today’s older adults and abounds with engaging and illustrative case studies, opinions, stories, and quotes. It is an essential text for professionals, service providers, and academics in the fields of gerontology, long-term care, healthcare, public service, and housing and urban planning. It will also inform elders themselves about their many choices.

March 30
Health Professions Press, Inc.
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