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Aging Joyfully shows what it is like for the last one third of a person’s life and how you can experience it joyfully.

Aging Joyfully brings an enlightening perspective to the process of aging. It’s not just a matter of moving from one stage (middle adulthood) to the next (senior adulthood). It is a transition with different stages. Whether you are approaching a new stage or helping someone else who is, this book provides points to safely guide you through the process. —Dr. Charles Arn, President, Church Growth, Inc.

I have known Timothy Starr for the past seventeen years and have had the privilege of working closely with him on the Age Wave conferences and other leadership events focusing on seniors. He has a grasp on the needs of seniors and how to get them out of their rocking chairs. If anyone has learned how to age joyfully, it is Timothy Starr and his wife, Hazel. —Dr. Al Saunders, National Coordinator of Adult Ministries, PAOC

Timothy Starr tells it like it is. He speaks into the challenges and the joys of growing older. If you are preparing for retirement or simply wanting to maximize the second half of life, you will want to read Aging Joyfully. —Dr. Ward Tanneberg, President, The CASA Network

Timothy Starr’s new book Aging Joyfully is a declaration to all seniors to continue to dream! A very insightful and practical book on ministering to our growing seniors population. —Steven Jones, President, FEBCC

Aging is something we cannot stop—but we can prepare for it! With wisdom, wit and years of experience working with seniors, Timothy Starr has written a practical, down to earth book that helps us stop worrying about aging, and stimulates us to enjoy it as a privilege rather than fear it as a threat. —Dr. Charles Price, Pastor, The Peoples Church, Toronto, Canada

November 14
Essence Publishing
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