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Three couples and all three are bond to one thing: sex, red and fiery, filled with lust, passion; you can spend an entire life with a person and have literary no idea to whom you confess all your fears, emotions, happy or sad moments.

In a blink of an eye, it could all go south and the person near us, the one which we share a bed for years and a house may threaten our life. 

We may be blind and fell in love with a perfect handsome stranger that may not be so ‘’perfect’’. Or maybe the sex is mind blowing; there are erotic moments and sparks, chemistry between us that we may not pay attention to details no more. 

The series Agony, Ecstasy &Crime talks about a weapon. Probably one of the most used weapon in the world besides guns, bullets and soldiers is lust and sex. Yes sex. 

In Agony, a man learns that the perfect woman does not exist in real life, just in fairy tales and the one that crossed his path one day will prove to be his nightmare and will take him from agony to happiness and back. Due to the amount of lust and mind-blowing sex, it will take time for him to see truly what’s going on.

Ecstasy , a drug that can make you see the sky open and angels coming down. But this is not the case. Here in our story, Ecstasy is more of a metaphorical word.  A woman will learn the hard way that maybe it is better to check a man before you let him inside your house. The love making moments have no words for you to describe them and the daily routine is all about fights and bruises but you don’t see the bad in it do you?

Crime, our last and third tale, is about what it’s like to make a crucial mistake which can cost your freedom. All due to hot one night stands or f*****g with the wrong guy, which in his mind, you can only be his and there is no room for mistakes. The sex? Well that’s the best part of it. It’s off the charts, amazing and keeps on getting better by the hour. 

Take a step back and sometimes, learn, listen to others, read or watch. You’ll be surprise to find out just how f****d up some people might be.

Fiction & Literature
April 14
Alice Jamison
Draft2Digital, LLC

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