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Good agroecological practices are indispensable for the development of sustainable agriculture. In this book, principles, diversity and applications of agroecological practices for a range of systems are presented, transforming scientific research and participatory knowledge of production into practical application. It illustrates a broad range of research and teaching being used within the farming community to demonstrate best practice and current state-of-play within the field. Agroecological methods used in crop farming, grass-based livestock farming, fish production, and other complex farming systems are discussed. Conclusions are drawn from studies to provide an outlook on future trends of agroecological practices and on policies supporting implementation. Due to emphasis on real-life application, it is relevant not only to students of the agricultural sciences and public policy, but also to researchers, stakeholders and policy makers involved in the development of sustainable agriculture. Contents: Preface (Alexander Wezel) Agroecological Principles for The Conversion of Farming Systems (Clara I Nicholls, Miguel A Altieri & Luis Vazquez) Agroecology and Agroecological Cropping Practices (Alexander Wezel & Erin Silva) Applying Agroecological Principles for Regenerating Soils (Matt Ryan & Josephine Peigné) Transitions to Agroecological Nutrient Management Practices in the US Corn Belt (Jennifer Blesh & Ryan Galt) A Disturbance-Based Framework for Understanding Weed Community Assembly in Agroecosystems: Challenges and Opportunities for Agroecological Weed Management (Richard G Smith & Dave Mortenson) Integration of GM Crop Traits in Agroecological Practices in Europe: A Critical Review (Heikki Hokkanen & Ingeborg Menzler-Hokkanen) Entomovectoring: An Agroecological Practice of Using Bees for Biocontrol (Ingeborg Menzler-Hokkanen & Heikki Hokkanen) Agroecology and Participatory Knowledge Production and Exchange as A Basis for Food System Change: The Case of The Community Agroecology Network (Steve Gliessman, Rose Cohen & Heather Putnam) Assessing the Impact of Management Interventions in Agroecological and Conventional Cropping Systems Using Indicators of Sustainability (Cathy Hawes) A Framework for Designing Agroecological Livestock Farming Systems (Bertrand Dumont, Magali Jouven, Thierry Bonaudo, Raphaëlle Botreau & Rodolphe Sabatier) Agroecological Principles and Practices for Grass-Based Farming Systems (Alain Peeters & Alexander Wezel) Agroecological Management in Fish Production (Joel Aubin, Joel Robin, Alexander Wezel & Marielle Thomas) Education in Agroecological Learning: Holistic Context for Learning Farming and Food Systems (Charles Francis, Mary Wiedenhoeft, Robert Dehaan & Paul Porter) Teaching Agroecological Practices to Higher Education Students, Farmers and Other Stakeholders. Examples from France (Aurélie Ferrer, Florian Celette, Marion Casagrande, Joséphine Peigné, Jean-François Vian & Alexander Wezel) Learning Agroecological Practices as Components of Complex Farming Systems (Charles Francis, Tor Arvid Breland, Geir Lieblein, Lennart Salomonsson, Suzanne Morse and Anna Marie Nicolaysen) Agroecological Practices — Potentials and Policies (Alexander Wezel & Charles Francis) Readership: Students of the agricultural sciences and public policy, but also to researchers, stakeholders and policy makers involved in the development of sustainable agriculture. Agroecology;Sustainable Agriculture;Agroecological Practices;Crop Farming;Livestock Farming;Fish Farming;Agricultural Policy0

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