Publisher Description

Want to know the easy way to approach and make conversation with new people? In this book you`ll discover simple ways to ensure you always have something interesting to talk about.

Find out how popular people make it look so easy and how you can do the same.

This book covers the following strategies:

- How to Approach Someone to Start a Conversation
- 9 Great Ways to Confidently Approach Anyone
- How to Stop Feeling Nervous When Meeting New People
- What to Say When Introducing Yourself to New People
- 6 Easy Ways to Avoid Getting Stuck for Words
- 10 Interesting Topics of Conversation for Every Occasion
- The Best Questions to Keep a Conversation Going
- How to Shine in Conversation with Listening Skills
- How to Use Body Language to Read People Like a Book
- Show People You Like Them and Make Friends with Ease

Start reading this book now and you`ll enjoy better conversation skills and have much more fun talking to the people in your day to day life.

Health, Mind & Body
November 15
Peter W. Murphy
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Bookfreak19 ,

Very useful tool!

This book has helped me a lot so far in the work setting. Meeting new people is a huge challenge in my part as a boss. I have to talk and explain to them what are he things to be done and how its done. The guidelines on this book helped me a lot to deal with people and understand them more. Great book!!

Rookieball ,

New title

This book should be called "Always know what to say if you're socially awkward and have no friends."

AGibbb ,

Always know what to say

Easy read with great tips.