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Take a spin around the globe with the Amazing Atlas. This stunning picture atlas designed for use on the iPad offers a unique approach to geography for those five and up. Spectacular interactive features transport you to anywhere on Earth, and include a 3D spinning globe, enhanced map images that fade in and out to highlight geographical and cultural details of the region, scrollable flag and feature galleries for each continent, as well as interactive quizzes to test newly acquired knowledge.

Packed with fascinating facts about continents and countries, people and places, and easy to navigate with clear instructions, bold design, and a simple layout, the Amazing Atlas will keep the keenest of young minds stimulated for hours.

June 22
DK Publishing
Penguin Random House Canada

Customer Reviews

RobertLussier ,

Great book for introducing geography

If you are an homeschooler, you probably love to be surrounded with books that will teach your kids various things. And in this time and age, you might have a tablet that will allow you to bring books in an easier way that what was possible ten years ago. A tablet can contain numerous ebooks and it a great tool to have when homeschooling. I am particularly fond of the DK e-books because they touch subjects that I want my kids to explore. Take the Amazing Atlas for example. This e-book will take you on a journey to explore and discover geography throughout the world.

It is divided in seven sections representing the seven continents. You can scroll through the pages of a continent to discover marvelous photos and fascinating facts. Special boxes also contain extra information that can be visualized at the touch of a finger. A spinning globe will allow you to see the world in three dimension and maps will allow you to learn the countries on each continent. The book also contain a movie of Antarctica and quizzes to test your reading skills.

One of the special features you will encounter in this e-book is the Things to See which allows you to discover the amazing animals, great sites, natural features and what is produced in that continent. The Vital Statistics boxes will highlights the flags, the capital city, the population as well as the languages spoken in some of the countries in that continent.

This book will give your a big picture of the geography around the world. It is a great e-book to have when you drive around or wait at a doctor’s office. It can also be useful during quiet time in the afternoon or stimulate a child to read. Each section has text that isn’t complicated and containing information about the continent you are exploring. You can read it with your child or have your independent readers explore it by himself/herself and do a little research on a specific continent.

The e-book is interactive as you will be require to flip the tablet in order to see the map pages properly, watch a video on penguins in Antarctica, flip in some boxes to get more information and test your knowledge with little quizzes. I discover that at the South Pole there is a Museum at Port Lockroy. And it got me wonder how many visitors do they have in a year? Well imagine my surprise when searching the internet that the place do have numerous tourists for the observation of the penguins. Wow! Maybe I should add this to my list of things to do in my lifetime…

If you are looking for an interactive book on geography that will be interesting for your kids, I suggest that you look into getting the Amazing Atlas from DK Canada. This book is perfect for kids ages 8 to 12 but can also be used with a parent for younger years.

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