Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Long-term Sales Strategy

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There are enough meaningless praise books on the market like "How I became a millionaire by selling on Amazon." But the value of most of them is to show the importance of the author, how famous and successful he is. No more. Our "Amazon for Beginners” is not just another sales guide on the Amazon platform. The author, who lives in Europe, shows the reality of what will have to face in the US market.

If you read the biographies of famous people, you may get the impression that their whole lives are continuous paths to success, which were interrupted only by some minor failures. However, they easily overcame difficulties and eventually became the ones we know now. But it is not at all. We know nothing about their fears and doubts, erroneous conclusions and actions that led to unforeseen troubles. And, of course, we were not mentioned about the sleepless nights and a lot of effort that the businessman had to spend on correcting his own stupid mistake.

Someone else's success story does not give you the opportunity to learn anything. The reader was simply shown point A, where it all began, and point B, where it all ended. Nevertheless, from a practical point of view, stories of stuffed bumps and failures on the way to success are much more useful.

The narrative is based on the difficult experience of business survival in the context of the COVID 2020 pandemic. The author analyzes what he did well, what was wrong, and where a truly fatal mistake was made. But it is important not only to admit the mistake, but to understand how to fix it.

We will walk our path again step by step using the example of sending goods to a warehouse in the United States using Amazon FBA program. A person who decides to create his own product acquires minimal skills in different specialties: marketer, accountant, photographer, copywriter, logistician. You will find the minimum that you need in this book. If you want to go through this, in its own way, an exciting path, you will not make many mistakes, and, perhaps, you will succeed much faster.



The basic minimum of knowledge to start an activity

- The first way. You and the garage

- The second way: Prep

- The third way: FBA

- The fourth way: Dropshipping

A little bit about taxation and accounting

- Value added tax in Europe

- Sales tax in the United States

- How does Amazon calculate and pay your earning

- Payments charged by Amazon

- Regular payments

- Irregular payments

- Amazon’s FBA Warehouse Policy

- Reimbursement and return of goods

- Basic reports of accounting

- Useful Inventory dashboard

How do you find a product for sale?

- What can you sell on Amazon in general?

- A bit about product copyrights

- Trademark registration

- Barcodes and product identifications

- Can we sell a product without registering its trademark?

Opening an account on Amazon

- Market research using Helium10

- Black Box

- The agony of choise: the Pareto Rule for Amazon

Preparation of the product card

- Filling in the product card

- Defining keywords

- Checking for indexing

- A product photo is what attracts attention

Transportation and customs clearance of goods

- Filling in the FBA Shipment

- Incoterms 2020

- Import of Goods to the United States

- Documents for accounting

Advertising and product promotion

- The sales strategy. How do I get a BuyBox?

- “Feed the Dragon”: the terrible truth about organic and advertising sales

- Automatic advertising campaign

- Manual advertising campaign

- Importance of customer reviews. Questions and answers

- How competitors are trying to drown your product

- What to do if the product is sold poorly

“I’m tired, I’m leaving”. How to exit the game with no pain (Removal orders)

- Pirates of XXI century, or Amazon’s hidden games

- Close the account or sell it. This is the question…

An epilogue

Business & Personal Finance
December 7
Tsimberov R.M.