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Ambrosia Of Thirukkural

Translated into English by Swamiji Iraianban

Saint Thiruvalluvar is the author of this Universal Veda, Thirukkural. It is in poetic form (Tamil) and it is translated in English and for the welfare of the readers, it is given as verses by Swamiji Iraianban, Thirukkural is a light of literal, spiritual, ancient and cultural customs, the survey of Tamil language's limitless profound literary. Though it is having so many titles, when we mention its name as "Thirukkural", everyone can know its depth of literal and spiritual harmony and it is considered to be the essence of all Vedas, puranas and dharma shasthras. thirukkural has a salient feature, it is told by a man (valluvar) to the entire mankind to lift the humanity to the highest peak of Eternity. Thirukkural is 1330 in number: in 133 chapters, each chapter consists of 10 couplets, emphasises Virtue (Homely, Ascetic), Wealth (Royalty, Ministry, Nation and Livelihood), and Love (Wedding, Married Affection etc.). In this divine authorisation there is no sign of any name of God particularly and that is why it is honoured by all beyond religions, regions, sects and creeds. Thirukkural begins with the letter "Aa" and ends with "In" and this denotes the Tamil language's literacy, in Tamil "Aa" is the 1st letter and "In" is the 246th, last letter. On the whole, apart from Thirukkural there is nothing more to state as literature and dharma. Thirukkural is an ever living guidance to mankind and it is the Lighthouse through which humanity can reach the Almighty very easily.

About The Author:

Though he is a graduate (science) his ardent faith upon Self-realization and Literature makes him not an ordinary man but as a well-versed preacher of spiritualism. His slogan is "Trumpeting Vedanta into Thine Heart". He is not engaged with any physical designation but he has dedicated his life to render service to all, through proper understanding of spiritualism.

He is also a versatile orator and has delivered more than 4000 spiritual lectures in several temples. Athmanandam, Narayaneeyam, Abhirami Andhathi-notes, Hindu Dharmam are published. Now, his "Manamum Thianamum", "Vedhanthamum Nadaimuraiyum", "Aranericharam & Avvaikkural-notes", "Nathaupasanai-400 Tamil krithis with ragas and thalas", "Thirumanthiram-notes", "Sree Mookapanchasathee-notes", "Theerkadharsanam" (Tamil) and "Emancipational Commentary on Srimad Bhagavad Gita-English notes" books are in press.

Subramanian (42) is the son of Sri Arumugam Achari and Srimathi Subbammal, native of Dindigul, one of the ancient towns of Tamil Nadu. Subramanian was blessed by his Guru and the Guru called him as "the lover of God and God's love is his", in this sense, he is called as Iraianban and his admirers respectfully call him as Swamiji.

Happily married to Mrs. A. Maragatham, Subramanian is blessed with 2 boys (Ramalingam, Balaji) and 1 girl (Chellamariammal). Truly, he is an outstanding personality, but he is not interested to show his eminence to all.

Swamiji Iraianban is not only a writer, poet, orator, he is well versed with palmistry, astrology, music and he is supposed to be a twinkling lamp which is in a pot. It is hoped, his entry in Delhi will make him prosperous and thus so many people will have the light of spiritualism.

He oftenly says, "The highest learning is that by which we know God; all else, the sacred books, grammar, literature etc., only load and puzzle the mind." Typically, he is living a full-fledged life and through "IRAI" Institution of Self-realization, he is rendering his earnest service to all in spiritual and universal ways.

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