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After we had moved into Doug's mansion, his soldiers took care of a Chinese problem, as this person had set as his goal to kill both Douglas Santos and myself. I am Nick Proud by the way. My girlfriend, Elizabeth Arnold, called Liz had come in some problems with an undercover policeman, Al Harding. As he together with another officer Ralph Lang had their mindset to incarcerate Liz. As both Douglas and I had the same opinion, those two together with the Chinese had outlived their usefulness. Things slowed down some until one of Douglas soldiers came into the study and said he had found a brick out on the back lawn, close to the fountain, it had a not wrapped around it. Must have been thrown down from a plane, said Doug. Looking at the note, he with a thunderous laugh shouted, it is from Richard, my old friend Rich. At the same time there was a knock at the door, and as Peter opened it, there stood Richard. Get your stuff together Douglas we are heading for the mountains. Are you talking about the Appalachian or the Rocky's Douglas asked? None of them my friend. We are heading for the Himalayas. For the biggest gold find you have ever seen. And Rich how are we going there? With my chartered plane sitting waiting at your airport. Arriving at the airport, Rich had a 707 waiting for us. We are going to Hong Kong first, then with a smaller plane to Kathmandu. From there with a large four-wheel-drive we are going to Pokhara, then Beni. from Beni, after we have bought ourselves some guns, we are heading north to Part Lete, and the Annapurna mountain and national park. From there we rent snow scooters with sleds and start our search for the biggest treasure hunt you have ever seen. Rich was right after we were forced to kill the proprietor to the roadside Inn, we succeeded in finding the gold Rich had been spiking about. Although we filled the space in all four scooters and all sleds, we could only take half of this enormous treasure. But we will, of course, came back for the rest in a years time.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 7
Bo Widerberg
Smashwords, Inc.

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