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A four pack of hot stories for your reading pleasure. 

 T*R*O*U*B*L*E, a step brother erotic romance. 

I met Nicholas after my mom dragged me halfway across the country, to New Orleans, after she eloped with his dad and presented it as a fait accompli. I was expecting to meet a dork, not an adonis.

I met Alyshia when she showed up on my doorstep with her mom, my dad’s new wife. She was barely dressed in a tiny skirt and sky high heels - my own personal angel, strutting down the sidewalk that had become her own personal runway. 

We have two weeks alone, just the two of us, while our parents go on a romantic cruise for their honeymoon. Judging by the sparks between us, anything can happen. This is Trouble with a capital T.


Nora, Delicious Dads 1, A racy game of truth or dare goes further than Nora ever dreamed when she’s dared to seduce a friend’s dad. Will she do it or will she forfeit?


Dare Me, Sweet young college girl, Abby, meets her friend’s sexy father who happens to be her new professor. It’s a short story that'll have you reaching for your significant other. 

When her least liked professor is replaced with her friend's hot dad, Abby wastes no time going after what she wants. Dare me, she asked her friend and classmate, not wanting to lose her nerve. 

Getting detained after class for passing dirty notes about her sexy instructor nets her more than she was hoping for as he takes her in hand and takes control. You might want to turn the AC to high for this scorcher of a short story. 


I’m a country boy from the farms of Nebraska. I moved to Cali after I realized I hadn’t inherited my dad’s green thumb, so my brother could follow in his footsteps. Now I’m roommates with a sexy gay guy named Michael and trying to find a job while struggling to hide my growing attraction to him - hard to do since the image of his bare backside is front and center in my head after I saw him naked late one night. What else can I do? He doesn’t know I’m gay too. Or does he? 

Step brother, best friend’s dad, hot for teacher, first time gay collection, a sampler pack

Fiction & Literature
July 19
C Cowles
cindy cowles

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