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Acclaimed BBC Wildlife Presenter Chris Packham has written the forward to this much sought after African Wildlife Guide. 

In an extract from his forward, he says: "This informative and unique guide provides visitors to Kenya and Tanzania with a level of knowledge and interest that will make your animal sightings more meaningful and authentic. It also serves as a useful handbook for those armchair enthusiasts wanting to develop their knowledge about African wildlife. 

The two authors have travelled extensively throughout Kenya and Tanzania, and have spent five years compiling this guide. A comprehensive 'Insider Tips' section allows the authors to pass on to you the benefit of their extensive knowledge gained over ten years of independent travel in East Africa.

This guide provides the perfect introduction to the most frequently encountered creatures and supplements everything about their behaviour and ecologies that you have forgotten from your armchair TV safaris, with a useful overview of their biology. It's accessible, easy to use, concise and had plenty of little nuggets of interest and importance." 

This Travel guide is a must for your tour of Eastern Africa. This book is easy to read and gives you not only simple to read facts, but great information of not only the animals that you may come across but about the area you are visiting. Geoff Collins, Africa Wildlife Guide Trainer and Assessor

Speaking as someone who has never ventured into the southern hemisphere, let alone on Safari, I am struck by the author’s passion and enthusiasm for what seems like their vocation in life. John Kettley, BBC Presenter

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June 6
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