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So, what do a book, a crystal, a group of people who are not who they appear, and a one young woman have in common?  They are all part of a puzzle that has been escalating since the fall of the angels long ago.  Have you ever wondered what would happen if you discovered that you were not totally human, but part Nephilim?  Alien?  A combination?  And, worse?  You were the key to preserving not only 4 races which included Earth...but, maybe, just everything else in every Universe? 


            Shocks and surprises are around every corner with Gemma Sinclair who finds that she is a one of a kind being – the only one in existence throughout time and space.  But, the responsibility for the survival of everything is completely on her hands!  


            Gemma's Journey toward who she is, and what she is, begins as she embarks on a learning experience that covers all of the myths, legends, and mysteries that have confused mankind since the beginning of time – the beginning of the Universe.  Along with her friends, who have been charged with her protection, Gemma learns what she must do to alter the prediction that have been handed down by the angels. 


            When Gem discovers that the one book holding all the secrets of the world of Anaerris is the clue, and another finds that the crystal that harbors a power so great that it could destroy the Earth as well as the world of Anaerris, it launches her premature transformation into the heroine that she was meant to be – the Protector.  When others find out who she is, they seek to destroy her, before she knows what is happening.  With her companions protecting her, she begins to take steps that will be needed to stop the impending death of the Universes.  But, can she stop it? The evil that seeks to destroy her is around every fork in the road.

January 26
DragonEye Publishing
Michael Kiser

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