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A flying metal orb and a scout dragon crash Anaro’s twentieth birthday event. After facing a brutal loss, Anaro must now brave the unknown to save his drought-stricken home village and confront a sour daddy issue. As an adventure of erogenous encounters and bizarre developments unfolds, Anaro finds his quick temper and voluptuous physique tested to their extremes.

Chapter 1. Poison Oasis

Anaro and Geezer walked the plains side by side. The suns were hot, the ground flat and dusty.
Anaro noted Geezer’s fiddling fingers. "What’s on your mind, uncle? You seem nervous."
Geezer shook off a thought and twitched a short smile at Anaro. "There’s just something I must do, Anaro." Geezer made fists that trembled.
Anaro observed Geezer's forehead where sweat glistened between wrinkles and bumpy veins. "You’re getting wheezy again. Let’s take a break and drink some water."
Geezer welcomed the pause and wiped his face. "I curse this heat. Gets hotter each year."
Anaro shaded his eyes from the afternoon suns. He rotated his lean waist and scoped the barren plains. The horizon rippled in every direction. Blue sky and yellow dust phased into simmering reflections.
Geezer stepped over to the land sled Anaro had been dragging behind him. Geezer pulled a flagon from under the sled’s dust cover. He drank with care, aware of how little was left.
Anaro squinted at a distant sharp shape that defied the featureless land. His brows bounced and his lips parted in wonder. "Look ahead, Uncle Geezer." Anaro pointed out a tall rock sliver. "Is that the Poison Oasis you talk about whenever we're away from the village?"
Geezer nodded and smiled with a half face.
Anaro giggled and stomped a brief dance. "Uncle Geezer, I can't believe you brought me to the Poison Oasis."
Geezer grinned and ran his tongue where a tooth was missing. "It is your twentieth birthday, dear Anaro. It is high time you learned there is more to this world than digging shit holes for our home village. No matter what your father says."
Anaro hugged Geezer. His nose wrinkled at the old man's body odor. “Thank you, Uncle Geezer. Best birthday ever.”
Geezer handed the flagon to Anaro. Anaro drank while his gaze held the pointy landmark of the Poison Oasis.
Geezer stashed the flagon back under the sled's dust cover. "Happy birthday, Anaro." Geezer frowned at the surrounding sky. "Now run ahead and explore. There's still time. I'll be right behind you."
With the land sled in tow, Anaro approached the towering sliver. It tore up from land like a black claw through faded fabric. The sliver's narrow shadow fostered a muddy puddle.
Anaro made a pitiful face at the puddle. "Greedy suns, drinking up all the water."
Anaro undressed the land sled’s dragging harness. He let it fall to ground with a puff of dust.
Anaro stalked his way around the puddle. He scowled at strange-colored plants. The plants' leaves were heavy with bulbous tumors. Anaro turned to shout at Geezer who was coming a short distance behind him. "Uncle Geezer, what curse would torture plants like this?"
Geezer shouted a reply. "It’s not called the Poison Oasis for nothing." Geezer arrived to the land sled and sat down next to it. He untied a corner of the sled's dust cover and gathered his breath in its shade.
Anaro noted animal carcasses littered around the muddy puddle. Crooked bones stuck out through their parched skins. Vacant eye sockets stared up at the sliver.
Anaro pulled a drawing charcoal from his loin cloth pocket and tested it on a nearby carcass. "Uncle Geezer, look at all these animal skins. They're perfect for drawing. I'm going to haul a pile of these skins back to River Bush so every villager can draw and write down their best ideas. We can finally arrange a village-wide storm brain to fight the drought."
Geezer chuckled at Anaro's enthusiasm. "Brainstorm, Anaro. Not a storm brain."
"Thank you so much for bringing me here, Uncle Geezer."

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