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Anthem guide helps you to understand the basic and advanced mechanics. Our tips will help you choose the best Javelin and take care of its development. You will learn here about microtransactions, skills and combat. Be sure to check our walkthrough.

Our guide to Anthem, developed by BioWare, contains all information about this game. Learn the game's basics and understand the most important aspects of the gameplay mechanics. The guide is recommended for both beginners and those who want to learn more advanced tactics and character builds.

The guide is divided into a few larger parts. One of the most important chapters is dedicated to the descriptions of the four available Javelin classes (futuristic armors used by the characters to explore the game's world). We have listed the pros and cons of every armor as well as their main roles and exemplary builds for each of the main Javelin classes. Our guide also includes descriptions of the most important gameplay mechanics such as flying, combat, getting loot, upgrading your Javelin or accepting missions. We have dedicated a separate page to Fort Tarsis - your main base. There, you can read about the NPCs, secrets or interactive areas found within the fort.

We have dedicated a large portion of the guide to describe the game's content. The most important part is the walkthrough for Anthem's every main mission. Besides that, we have also included walkthroughs for the strongholds, descriptions of the contracts and random events happening in the game's world which can give you various rewards (e.g. blueprints or new parts for your Javelin). Besides that, we have also included descriptions of more challenging puzzles you can encounter during the missions.

The FAQ section is another important part of the guide. Here, you can learn how to get XP fast, how to get coins, which Javelin class is the best, where you can find the forge, what is the recommended difficulty level, how to craft new weapons or how to extend your flight time. The guide also contains chapters dedicated to the controls, Anthem's system requirements, and a trophy/achievement guide where you can find detailed descriptions of the available trophies/achievements.

Anthem is a co-op TPP shooter with MMO elements. The story is set in far future where we control one of the Freelancers who use advanced armors to explore the dangerous world. These armors have advanced weaponry systems and they allow their users to fly. As the game progresses, we get access to new armor upgrades and classes which change the gameplay completely.

March 26
Tony Lam
Lam Le Dinh

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