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Are you looking for a detailed guide on Anxiety with suggestions on how to solve this issue? Then keep reading…

Anxiety is a medical disorder that is characterized by the excessive and irrational fear of normal situations. The fear disables you so much that you cannot even engage in regular activities. This disorder is serious and requires treatment just as any normal physical ailment. 

In fact, what most people don't realize is that anxiety disorders are the most pervasive disorders in the USA. More than 40 million men, women and children suffer from anxiety disorders in the US, but the sad reality is that less than 13 million anxiety sufferers get treatment for their condition. This shows you just how common it is, so do not feel like you have to go through it alone.

This book covers the following topics:
Identifying problem and negative thoughts patternsDescribe automatic thoughts and intrusive thoughtsUnderstanding anxiety and anxious mindCauses of fears, anxiety and panic attacksIdentifying obstacles works with thoughts, worry, fears and anxietyTriumph over anger and depressionChallenging automatic and intrusive thoughtsTaking action against anxietyReleasing controlManage excessive angerCognitive behavioral treatments for anxiety and depressionMaintaining positive mindfulnessPowerful steps to self-love…And Much More
When we talk about an anxiety disorder, we are simply using a general term. Anxiety disorders can manifest themselves as a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic attacks, social anxiety disorder and phobias.

Is It Stress or Anxiety Disorder?

Most people tend to confuse normal anxiety, or stress, with anxiety disorder. They are two totally different things. Here are just a few examples to help you understand the differences:

●    With stress, you worry about your bills, lack of a job or getting dumped by your girlfriend. Once the stressor or trigger is taken away, you stop worrying. With an anxiety disorder, you are constantly worried about these things for no reason at all. You find yourself undergoing daily distress even though the stressor has disappeared. 

●    Stress is where you go to a social gathering and start feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable, maybe because of the way you are dressed. With an anxiety disorder, you totally avoid any kind of social gathering because you are afraid of being humiliated or embarrassed in some undefined way. 

●    Stress is what you feel before you sit for an exam, give a presentation, or attend an interview. A stressor is a significant event that can impact your life. Anxiety disorder, however, is where you experience a sudden overwhelming fear for no reason at all, and you live in perpetual dread having another panic attack.

●    Stress involves a rational fear of what you consider a dangerous situation, place or object. Once you leave the place or eliminate the threatening object, you become okay. 

●    Stress is what you experience immediately after a traumatic event, for example, when you avoid a car collision. You may find it difficult to sleep after such a situation. However, an anxiety disorder is when you have recurring flashbacks or nightmares of the accident some months or even years after the event. 

They have found that these can actually run in families and have some sort of biological basis.

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June 30
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