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This course is designed to teach you the skills needed to be an app developer capable of bringing your own ideas to life. Whether you’re new to coding or want to expand your skills, by the end of this course you should be able to build a fully functioning app of your own design.

The course starts by introducing iOS development tools, basic programming concepts using Swift as the language, and industry best practices. Building on this foundation, you’ll follow a step-by-step curriculum, work through practical exercises, and create apps from scratch.

Professional & Technical
April 28
Apple Inc. - Education
Apple Canada, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Julien Berthelot ,

Great but an error bugs the lab

Every time I’m doing a lab, there’s an error popping up saying: “ The document “nameOfTheExercise.xcplaygroundpage” could not be saved. The file has been changed by another application. "

Karutaku ,

One of the best programming books I’ve ever read

I started reading this book because while I’m an experienced programmer who has made iOS apps before I’m not familiar with Swift. I haven’t read all of it yet but generally I’m pertty impressed with it. It convers topics like fixing syntax errors and debugging which most programming books gloss over. I can’t yet speak to its depth though.
However I found one issue. In the lab for Chapter 1.4 Control Flow on page 49 question 8 of 10 is incorrect:
Question is:

What will print to the console when executing the following code?
var weight = 52

if weight <= 50 {
print("Have a great flight.")
} else {
print("Good afternoon")
} else {
print("there is a $25 fee for your luggage.")

Possible answers:
A. “Have a great flight.”
B. “There is a $25 fee for your luggage.”
C. Nothing will print to the console.
D. “Good afternoon.”

Listed correct answer is B.

However the above code won’t actually compile so none of the answers really is correct (though “Nothing will print to the console.” would seem to be the closest to correct to me). Probably the code should be changed so that the first else case is instead an if else instead of just an else.

Second issue, section 2.2 seems to be missing a page or two discussing functions with multiple return values.

As well Question 3 for Section 2.2 page 130 asks:
A funciton can be called using the code below. How was the function declared?
let value = multiply(5, by: 4)
the answer which is supposed to be “correct” is "func multiply(_ first: Int by:Int) -> Int “ which won’t compile as it’s missing a comma between the parameters.

nsstuff ,

Cannot find projects

I encountered an issue when I cannot find the place from where I can download projects to do my labs. Does someone know where to find that?

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