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You cannot argue that all the different cooking methods bring different results as stir frying brings its own characteristic. After all it is logical that each different method of cooking has its own characteristics, advantages and of course disadvantages, but in terms of taste and nutritional benefits the stir fry method is one of the best ways to cook all your ingredients.

Quick and easy, tasty and colorful, it is a very healthy way of cooking because with the use of a wok you can preserve the nutritional value of your food and have a better vitamin intake. It offers great freedom and is perfectly suited to all kind of ingredients and diets.

Stir frying is accessible to anyone, even to those who do not know how to cook well. With the use of a wok you will adopt a healthier diet, cook faster, and even save money.

You must have the right equipment such as a wok where the heat is distributed evenly between bottom and wall. This fast cooking preserves the nutritional qualities of food seized on high heat for a short time. The result will be crisp vegetables, meat, and fish cooked to perfection. No need to grease excessively and adding additional fat. Stir fry requires only a small amount of oil.

So if you are wondering how to eat healthier with a tasty and colorful food on your plate do not hesitate to get this stir fry cookbook. You will follow and adapt new recipes or even start to create your own recipes and try new combinations discovering the art of stir frying.

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March 23
Ted Alling
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