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What happens when your enemies are more powerful than you?

Everywhere, magic is feared by commoners while being revered by the nobility. But, if a mage hunter discovers a peasant with magical potential, their future is changed forever. A life of luxury awaits those who succeed in their training, but failure leads to a much darker destiny.

For Natalia, whose magical abilities revealed themselves at an early age, there is no choice. Torn from her mother's arms, she is borne away to the Volstrum, an institution steeped in mystery. There, trained as a battle mage, she has the potential to be one of the most powerful spellcasters ever. Yet the price they demand of her is too high!

Athgar's life,  however,  was shattered the day his magical potential was released by the very fire that nearly consumed him. Even while the Orcs taught him to master his new talents, he could not forget those who were savagely ripped away. Blindly driven by revenge, it's not until he meets Natalia and nearly dies again that he realizes something much more sinister is unfolding.

Now, she is on the run from her family, while he desperately hunts for his! Together, they embark on a voyage to unearth a dark conspiracy that has remained secret for years.

Discover a land infused with magic and mystery as Paul J Bennett's newest Sword & Sorcery series, The Frozen Flame, begins in Ashes.

Curl up with your copy of Ashes, and enjoy a spellbinding tale today!

Reviews for The Frozen Flame Series

"Another excellent book series!!"

"If you like fantasy fiction, then this is a must-read."

"This story gripped me and kept me turning the pages."


"Action, Intrigue, Adventure, Romance and some twists!"

"I love the book, had me on edge and could not put it down!"

"The most amazing adventure with a strong magical influence."

"The action is paced just right, the characters are well written and believable, and the editing was great."

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 23
Paul J Bennett
Paul Bennett

Customer Reviews

dubeau57 ,


Excellent read
Romance intrigue and magic
Can’t wait for more

Fordsaplenty ,

Enjoyed Reading Ashes

I have read a lot of Paul’s books and have found myself being pulled into the lands and characters of the stories. I can’t wait for Embers to be released. Totally engaging read.

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