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Many modern recommendations for improved health and wellness leave us feeling like we're expected to dance upon a tightrope just to avoid illness and chronic discomfort. We hear that eggs are good for us; then we hear that they're bad for us; next, we learn that we should only be eating the egg whites; then, only the yolks; and finally, that we should eat the entire egg, but only at certain times of day, or with specific nutrient pairings. We're supposed to exercise more, but also rest more—meanwhile, we have to  avoid going overboard with either activity. We should be eating less, but never skipping meals. We need more vitamin D, and should be practicing grounding and enjoying exercise outdoors… but we have to stay out of the sun. 

If you're feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, dejected, exhausted, and just about ready to chuck every piece of fitness advice you've ever received out the window, then this is the book for you. Autophagy is a hot topic within the health and wellness community, despite being a relatively new discovery; what sets it apart from other diets and lifestyle trends is that it isn't a fad, or a plan designed to sell cookbooks, pre-packaged meals, or lifestyle products—it's pure science. While some of the jargon used to describe it might be intimidating, the concepts of autophagy are less confusing than many dietary trends because they are consistent and reflective of the realities in our everyday experiences. Furthermore, autophagy isn't only recommended as a weight loss tool, or a cure for illness; its potential benefits are vast and varied, from improved metabolic function, to reduced risk of dementia, to enhanced physical performance, and even reversed signs of aging. There may be no such thing as a panacea in this world, but autophagy sure does come close to meeting its definition. 

Autophagy is a process of cellular cleansing. It's the natural process by which our cells recycle old, broken, or infected molecular matter. We all have autophagic responses at work in our bodies already, but the realities of modern life often work to slow or inhibit the process of autophagy as we grow older. If we can master the art of triggering enhanced autophagy, though, the potential rewards we can reap are truly staggering. 

Within these pages, you will discover: 

What autophagy is, and how it works on a cellular levelHow to comprehend, and even describe, autophagic processes without any previous knowledge of cellular biology or metabolic functionThe evolutionary purpose of autophagyHow to trigger autophagy through diet, physical activity, and manufactured stressHow to activate autophagy through fasting, and what to expect during a fast of almost any lengthHow autophagy works to promote weight loss, and then maintain reduced weight in the long-termHow to use autophagic processes to delay or prevent signs of agingHow autophagy can work to cure illness, chronic pain, and diseaseHow autophagy may hold the key to an eventual cure for cancerAnd more…

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August 21
Tony Bennis
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