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Publisher Description

The multiverse is in shambles without all its pieces in place and the darkness is coming for them. Five angels have to pull a course correction—but they have to all agree first.

Morgan’s been a psychic, tasked with awakening angels in her dimension for the past twenty years. Finding this purpose and calling was a blessing… and a curse. She never expected it would lead her to a single supernatural suicide mission to save all of creation, with the final five angels at her side.

All they have to do is figure out the missing piece and how their individual angelic gifts fit together. Too bad their humanity is clouding their judgment and none of them can get on the same page long enough to make a coordinated plan.

When they finally realize the missing piece and how they fit into the puzzle, it means leaving behind everything they’ve ever known in the hopes of changing fate. The decision isn’t taken lightly. But if they don’t accept their roles and come together, none of it will matter.

If they fail, existence ceases.  

If you love Neil Gaiman’s and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens, Nora Roberts’s Chronicles of the One, or Deborah Harkness’s Discovery of Witches, then Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds is your next supernatural thrill ride.

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Mysteries & Thrillers
November 12
Author Revolution, LLC
PublishDrive Inc.

Customer Reviews

ThomGor ,

The end is near. Fix it or the world is gone. No pressure.

With their world literally falling apart, five total strangers are torn away to solve the crisis before it is too late. But they have no clue what is wrong. And they are hunted. By darkness itself. Fortunately, each of the five has a unique talent. They must depend on each other. Must trust one another. No easy task.

Carissa Andrews leads us on a thought-provoking, spiritual journey with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance. Fail and it all ends. Their doubts and fears feel real. Their dialog compelling.

Something is missing. Something important. It may not be what you expect. It may challenge the truth as we know it. Without the missing piece, how could you possible save a world teetering on the edge of destruction? Sometimes fiction can be stranger than truth. Believe it or not, I enjoyed journey.

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