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Triple mind chess is how some have described this art-book that uses Pop culture iconography, syllabication, phonemes, articulatory code, and phonological processing. Sublexical to say the very least. 

      The book does have a story, however the true exercise and excitement in this work, B.S., as one will discover by "reading", is that the book is interactive and tries to convey the interconnectedness to a mass collective conscience. In layman's terms, the book is a bold attempt in trying to understand how the conception of an Omnipotent God, (a mass collective conscience) would communicate to & though its creation. Hence, hints, the nom de plume, Andrew Hughmann, much on par with golly Geez, us (Jesus), and all ah refreshing. Nod 2 mention boo duh dummies.

     This mass media communications book will sharpen skills in cyphering the onslaught of the new shorthand economy(texting influences) in writing at large right now. Text messaging and talking in code as standard practice with the youth of today, is only going to evolve. This book embraces that evolution.

Since the book is an homage to the concept of God, our father who art in heaven, the author is based on the recognition of mass energies existing to a collective point. Therefore, each reader of the work becomes part of the mass acknowledgment of what is and has been, and therefore ultimately sees their own contribution. 

Also, the "author" is merely a collection of recognizing mass cellular draws and vacuums in the forefront of Mass Media at large in the global community. As the reader recognizes universal truths, associations, and patterns, they will find that the "author" is the spectator watching them, and that they are "one being" with the author as a "WitNess".

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August 1
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