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Babes and Billionaires is a compilation of sizzling hot books by Serena Grey.


A one-night stand leaves two strangers craving for more.

On the night she discovers her ex’s engagement, Rachel meets Landon, the sexiest man she’s ever seen, who, for some reason, mistakes her for a hooker. The thing is, he’s so sexy, and it’s just one night. What harm can there be in giving in to the desire to lose herself in his touch? 

Landon prefers his women beautiful and sophisticated, with no desire for romance or commitment, so when his brother ignores his protests and sends him a hooker on his birthday, he’s surprised by how willing he is to continue paying for her services. It should be easy, except she’s no hooker, and she has no intention of letting him into her life.

As the billionaire owner of Swanson Court Hotels, Landon is accustomed to getting what he wants, and Rachel is not going to be an exception.


Daphne doesn’t want love, or romance, or sex, or even a relationship. She wants some time alone without casual sex with guys whose names she can’t be bothered to remember in the morning–a temporary period of celibacy.

Too bad her new roommate’s brother is hot, insanely hot, like melt your panties and spread your legs kind of hot. From the moment she sets eyes on Jason Wild, Daphne can’t stop craving the sensual delight she knows she will find in his arms. Her self-imposed celibacy is no match for his blatant sexuality and all the naughty things he promises to do to her.

Jason is not interested in commitment, and Daphne is done with hookups, but it’s only a matter of time before they indulge in their naughty fantasies about each other. Only, what happens after, when it’s time to walk away?


Her passion for him ruined her life once already, but he still has the power to make her crave him with just one touch.

Olivia Wilder fell in love with Jackson Lockewood the first time she laid her eyes on him. She gave him her heart and her love, and she ended up alone, heartbroken, and with scars that were almost too much for her to bear.

Seven years later, they cross paths again. Jackson is everything she remembers, only more irresistible. Underneath his disdain, his desire to possess her lights a response within her, but she has no desire to rekindle their past or face the pain of all those years ago.

However, Jackson has no intention of making it easy for her. This time, he’s determined to make her pay for the past, and for the future they should have had, even if it means destroying her in the process.


"Serena Grey drew me in and held my attention through the Awakening series. Knocked me out with her stand-alone "Undeniable" and most recently has body slammed me with "Drawn to You." - Epic Book Addict.

"Serena Grey is an amazing writer. If you haven't read her Dangerous Man series read it Now!"

Serena Grey is a bestselling author of contemporary steamy romance novels. She writes sexy stories about hot alpha-male guys with soft hearts and the relatable women who tame them. Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, Sylvia Day and other hot romance stories/writers will love her books.

October 12
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