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She was always off limits. 

Forbidden fruit. 

Her mob-boss father would kill to keep her pure, 

But now I’m the kingpin of my family. 

And her? She’s pregnant with my baby. 


I should have told him no. I should have never gone a date with Luca Gallo. The smoking hot boy next door–the one who I always caught smirking at me across the pews while wearing his Sunday best. He was the boy I always wondered about, but knew I could never, ever let touch me. 

The Gallos and my family, the Rielas, have wanted to kill each other from way before either Luca and I were born. Luca’s father is dead, and he’s ready to bury the hatchet–at least long enough to ask me out–but my father...and cousins...and uncles...and pretty much everyone else in my family wants to kill Luca and his entire family. 

Even though I’d spent years cutting myself off from my family. From the families, from all the terrible mafia stuff that I grew up with...I couldn’t resist him. I thought it would just be a date. One date, then I’d put him behind me. But one date turned into one night. 

And one night was all it took to get me knocked up. 

Now I’m pregnant with the Kingpin’s Baby. It’s either going to join our families together, or destroy them both. 


I always called her Princess. Bella Riela. She was the good little Mafia Princess, the only one who could ever make her stone-cold father crack a smile. I always wanted to get my hands on her, but I knew her father would probably cut mine off if I touched her. 

Then we grew up. I inherited my own father’s job: Kingpin of the whole damn family and empire. That also means I inherited Bella’s father wanting to kill me. 

So if he wants to kill me anyway, I might as well ask out Bella. She’s grown up too, and maybe it’s just because I know how bad an idea it is–that she’s forbidden fruit–but I need a taste. I need to know what her soft skin feels like under my rough hands. 

So I asked her out, and one thing lead to another… 

Now she’s pregnant, and her father definitely wants to kill me. The problem is, he wants to make the baby a Riela, and deny that I’m even the father. That’s not gonna fly. This baby is mine, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to be there as a father for my kid, and if I’m lucky, to get a real shot to be with Bella.

This is the Complete Baby for the Kingpin Series by Melinda Minx.

July 6
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

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