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''Backstage. Fernando Menis'' accompanies the traveling exhibition with the same title, which was first shown at the legendary Aedes Forum in Berlin, in December 2018. With a forty years acclaimed career, Fernando Menis is one of the most striking contemporary architects with a manner that sets him apart as an author, which Kristin Feireiss identified as ''Endemic Modernism'': ''(...) it's not only the remoteness of the Canary Islands - where he is based - with its volcanic environment between lava, nature and ocean, which formed his specific approach, it's the sensitive way he perceives and listens to nature and landscape''. This Spanish architect's designs stand out for the respectful integration of buildings in their context, the innovative use of traditional materials, recycling and a unique expressiveness and this catalogue is meant to open the door to his design and experimentation processes. Inside you will find some contemporary classics such as the Congress and Culture Centre CKK Jordanki in Poland, the Magma Art & Congress in Tenerife, the Holy Redeemer Church in La Laguna or the Floating pool in the river Spree of Berlin but also some of the ongoing and most experimental projects as well as new materials and techniques like Hatching, Picado or the Acoustic Frames. Structured in seven sections - Research, Reuse, Water, Square, Landscape, Planning, Culture - the catalogue opens with essays by Kristin Feireiss & Hans-Jürgen Commerell (''Endemic Modernism''), Luis Fernández - Galiano (''Music in Flames''), Dulce Xerach (''Processes'') and is lavishly illustrated with photographs by Iwan Baan, Jordi Bernadó, Patricia Cámpora, Jakub Certowicz, Roland Halbe, Manuel Lérida, Efraín Pintos Barate, Simona Rota, Hisao Suzuki and Uwe Walter. The edition is bilingual, in Spanish and English.

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Fernando Menis
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